Lubechem International develops and manufactures a comprehensive range of technologically-advanced lubricants for a variety of needs that enhance the performance in engines, machineries and other equipments. We use the latest technology and research which helps fuels burn cleaner, engines run smoother and machines last longer. Our Automotive, Industrial, Marine lubricants, Brake Fluids and Greases demonstrate the company’s commitment to serve with high quality, value added products that give the customers the competitive edge.


The range of lubricants is manufactured, all to the highest international standards, under the trade mark of “LUBECHEM”.


Lubechem products are formulated to the highest international standards & specifications set by specialized international institutions such as Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s), American Petroleum Institute (API), US Military (MIL) & other international specifications as applicable.


Formulated to cope with the harshest climatic conditions, Lubechem products meet most of the Americans, Europeans and Japanese engine & machine manufacturers like Mercedes Benz, BMW, Porche, GM, Ford, Volvo, MACK, MAN, Caterpillar, Komatsu, Toyota & others.


As a general rule, viscosity performs the correct job for lubrication. Please refer equipment manufacturer recommendation for correct application.


This website is not covering the complete range of Lubechem products. Rather, an attempt has been made to present, as clearly and simply as possible, all the products currently in high demand. However, our technical force is available at all times to solve all your lubrication problems promptly and efficiently. Please contact us if you are not able to find your product.



Handling & Storage


Lubechem products are quality products and every precaution is taken in handling and storage to maintain exacting quality standards until they are delivered to customers. Now it is customer responsibility to protect the quality by proper handling, storage and application to get maximum performance. Follow four main points for proper storage of lubricants.


  • Protect from source of contamination.
  • Protect from degradation due to excessive heat or cold.
  • Avoid long term storage.
  • Maintain products identifications.


All packaged products include smaller containers packed in cartons and drums should be left sealed until the product is required and they should always be placed on pallets or blocks. As a general rule, all packages should never be stored out-of-doors. But when drums must be stored outdoors, they should be protected from dirt and water, which may contaminate the contents when the drum is opened. Drums should be stored horizontally and positions of both bungs should be horizontal to prevent the normal breathing of moisture and no more than three drums should be placed on top of each other. When storage is vertical, a maximum of three pallets can be placed one above the other. But they should be cleaned regularly and carefully to eliminate the hazards of rust, scale and dirt.




Dispensing includes withdrawal from storage, transfer to the point of use and application at the point of use. Package products may be dispensed directly from the original containers or may be transferred to various types of application equipments.


  • Containers and application equipments should be kept rigorously clean at all times.
  • Each container and application equipment should be labeled for single product and used only for that product.
  • Before the application, grease fittings, filler pipes, filler holes, etc. should be completely cleaned




Material safety data sheet is available on request.