Product Type
LUBECHEM TITANIC DELTA MOLY Very high performance streme-pressure grease
Trusted protection for severe duty industrial applications

Lubechem Delta Moly is a top quality, smooth-textured, extreme pressure grease designed with highly refined base oils, lithium complex soap thickener and lead-free extreme-pressure and other proven additives to provide superior protection and performance for the lubrication of industrial bearings subjected to the most arduous conditions. It also contains molybdenum disulphide to provide resistance to shock loading.

Performance Specifications / Standards
  Caterpillar Multipurpose Molybdenum Grease (MPGM) specifications & meets the British Timken specification for Steel Mill applications.  
- Heavy duty slow plain and rolling element bearings operating under severe/shock loads, high temperature and water rich environments in Steel, Mining, Cement, Paper and Chemical sectors.

- Construction equipments, agricultural tractors, heavy-duty transport, mining equipment and road rollers.
Performance Features and Benefits
  • Prevent metal to metal contact under severe load due the presence of molybdenum disulphide.
  • Resist grease melting and subsequent leakage as a result of the Lithium complex thickener.
  • Excellent oxidation stability provides longer lifetime & resists hardening at high temperatures.
  • Non corrosive to all metals.
  • Outstanding load carrying capacity provides better protection and longer components life.
  • Reduce grease consumption due to superior adhesiveness, better resistance to mechanical working, vibration and washout.
Typical Physical Characteristics
NIGI Consistency  1  2
Range of use, °C
Dropping point, °C
Pumpability, long distance
Cone Penetration
worked @ 25°C, 0.1 mm
Dark Grey
-20 to +150
310 - 340
Dark Grey
-20 to +150
265 - 295