Product Type
LUBECHEM TECHNO KE Severe-Duty hydro-treated Naphthenic Refrigerator Compressor oil Trusted protection for most modern

Lubechem Techno KE is high quality oil with zero congealing tendency and high degree of oxidation.   Carefully selected naphthenic mineral base fluids and unique additive package make a product specially suited for the efficient and economical lubrication of refrigeration compressors.

Performance Specfication / Standards
  DIN 51503 KE


- Recommended for high-speed, single or multistage rotary and reciprocating refrigeration compressors and other air conditioning systems used in domestic, automotives, hermetically sealed units and industries, using all types of refrigerants except Sulfur Dioxide, operating under severe-duty conditions and below 0°C.

Performance Features and Benefits
  • Long term protection to resist formation of deposits in crankcases, open to the atmosphere and deteriorating influence of high temperatures at the compressor discharge.
  • Low pour point to prevent the oil from congealing on evaporator surfaces thus resulting in efficient heat transfer.
  • Low floc point to prevent separation of wax like materials in evaporator, expansion valve and capillaries.
  • High dielectric strength and ability to prevent reaction with windings of electric motors at elevated temperatures.
  • Outstanding load carrying ability.
  • Exceptional foaming, corrosion and wear protection.
Typical Physical Characteristics
ISO Viscosity Grade 10
Density  @ 15°C, kg/cu.m
Kinematic Viscosity @   40°C, cSt
Kinematic Viscosity @ 100° C, cSt
Viscosity Index
Flash Point,  COC,°C
Pour Point,  °C
Fluidity in U-tube, °C
Floc point (R600a),  °C
TAN,  mgm KOH/gm