Product Type
LUBECHEM TECHNO COOLCUT High Performance emulsifiable cutting oil
Quality lubricant for reliable metalworking operations

Lubechem Techno Coolcut is general purpose soluble oil formulated with highly refined base stocks and well-balanced additive package which forms stable emulsions with water for use as coolant and lubricant in metalworking operations.

Performance Specifications / Standards
  Lubechem Techno Coolcut should be used in the following water to oil ratios:
* General machining 10:1 to 35:1
* Grinding machining 35:1 to 50:1
- Expressly recommended for wide variety of machining operations on ferrous and non-ferrous metals, such as turning, boring, milling, drilling, tapping, threading and cold sawing. 

- Also used for grinding operations.

- All other cutting operations where soluble oil without EP properties is applicable,
Performance Features and Benefits
  • Non-phenolic and nitrite-free soluble oil forms homogenous and extreme stable milky emulsion in both hard and soft water with good anti-corrosion properties.
  • Outstanding lubricating and cooling power necessary to ensure good work piece finish and extended tool life.
  • Contains biocides that effectively control bacterial and fungal growth to give a long service life and to prevent emulsion breakdown and spoilage.
  • Long term control over wear, rust and corrosion.
  • High level of reserve alkalinity neutralizes acids to provide effective rust protection of parts and also improves the emulsion’s resistance to bacterial degradation.
Typical Physical Characteristics
Emulsion Type
Density  @ 15°C, kg/cu.m
Kinematic Viscosity @   40°C, cSt
Reserve Alkalinity, meq HCL/mL
pH @ 5% Concentration
Corrosion test
Amber liquid
Dense White
Imporant to note
Lubechem Techno Coolcut  should be poured gradually into the full volume of water, never the reverse and gentle agitation maintained until all the oil has been added and a uniform emulsion obtained.