Product Type
LUBECHEM TITANIC DELTA WB Excellent performance streme-pressure grease
Trusted protection for heavy-duty automotive applications

Lubechem Delta WB is a superior quality, smooth-textured, multi-purpose, extreme pressure grease based on a blend of highly refined base oils and lithium soap thickener and lead-free extreme-pressure and other proven additives to enhance effectiveness in a wide range of automotive applications operating under severe loads and in wet environments.

Performance Specifications / Standards
  NLGI Service Category GC-LB & meets the British Timken specification for Steel Mill applications.  
- Automotive wheel bearings (Taper & rolling).
- Chassis and Universal joints.
- Water pump and Generator bearings.
- Cables, throttle and brake linkages.
- King-pin front suspension & steering and transmission joints.
- Construction equipments, agricultural tractors, heavy-duty transport and general industrial greasing.
Performance Features and Benefits
  • Excellent oxidation stability provides longer lifetime & resists hardening at high temperatures.
  • Controlled oil bleeding to supply small amount of oil needed to form EHL film.
  •  Maintain consistency during prolonged storage.
  • Outstanding protection against wear, rust and corrosion.
  • High resistant to mechanical working, vibration and heavy loads.
  • Non corrosive to all metals.
  • Low water washout.
  • Outstanding load carrying capacity provides better protection and longer components life.
Typical Physical Characteristics
NIGI Consistency  1  2
Range of use, °C
Dropping point, °C
Pumpability, long distance
Cone Penetration
worked @ 25°C, 0.1 mm
Light Brown
-25 to +120
265 - 295
Light Brown
-25 to +120
220 - 250
Very important to note that the grease should not come into contact with hydraulic brake rubber components.