Product Type
LUBECHEM TITANIC 40 Super peformance high-rated, high oil stress Marine oil
Trusted protection for medium-speed trunk-piston diesel engines

Lubechem Titanic 40 is a multi-functional crankcase lubricant, designed with highly refined base oils and balance additive package to provide performance and protection for highly rated medium-speed marine diesel engines operating on residual fuels, under high oil stress conditions. It has been further optimized to improve deposit control.

Performance Specifications / Standards
  Approved by all manufacturers of medium speed trunk piston diesel engines and meets the engine test criteria for API CF   
- Medium-speed industrial or marine propulsion and auxiliary engines, burning residual fuels,   which create conditions of high oil stress. These conditions usually occur:
*  in engine designs more than 10 years old
* where oil consumption is 0.5-1 g/kWh or more, or
* where load factors are below >85%, or
* where fuels with sulphur >3% are in use
- Marine engine reduction gears and certain other ship-board applications, where specialist lubricants are not required.
Performance Features and Benefits
  • High thermal behavior and excellent oxidation stability.
  • Efficient control over piston deposit, sludge, lacquer and asphaltene related deposits in engine cold areas, i.e. crankcase and sump.
  • Exceptional protection against  wear,  ring sticking, rust and corrosion to ensure long life of moving parts and reduce the need for engine servicing.
  • High detergency/low dispersancy formulation releases contaminants and water readily in centrifugal separators and keeps the engine clean.
  • Resistance to the hydrolysis of the additives.
  • Strong demulsibility power and filterability.
  • Good stability in the presence of fuel contamination.
Typical Physical Characteristics
SAE Viscosity Grade  40
Density  @ 15°C, kg/cu.m
Kinematic Viscosity @   40°C, cSt
Kinematic Viscosity @ 100° C, cSt
Viscosity Index
Flash Point,  COC,°C
Pour Point,  °C
TBN, mgm KOH/gm
Sulphated Ash, % wt
Load Carrying Capacity (FZG Gear Machine)
Failure load stage (IP 334 A/8.3/90)